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Re: procmail and Unicode header lines (RFC 2047)

On Sun, 31 Oct 2010 07:46:45 +0100, Stanisław Findeisen wrote:

> On 2010-10-29 10:39, Camaleón wrote:

>> Mmm, procmail is a delivery agent, it does not render the messages.
>> What e-mail client are you using for displaying e-mails? I have not
>> problems with encoded subjects using rfc 2047, they seem to render just
>> fine in Mutt.
> I was talking about e-mail processing (e-mail filtering, header fields
> modifications etc.) on the server. So no, no end-user client e-mail
> software involved.

Yes, sorry, I was not aware of the filtering issue ;-(

I thought Procmail was using the same path as Postfix, SpamAssassin or 
Avamisd-new (AFAIK, they do not decode the subject so you have to put the 
exact string line to get filters working).



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