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Trying to use a Nokia N95 as a modem over USB

I'm trying to use the GSM data connection of my Nokia N95-3 as a modem
for my Squeeze laptop over USB.

The Ubuntu wiki indicates that my Nokia is compatible with USB
tethering but a patch to hal rules is required (As per a bug report
filed in 2008 but still open.):

The wiki page:

The bug report:

The patch file:

I'm trying to understand how to apply the patch.  I downloaded the
patch file to /etc/udev/rules.d and run 'sudo patch -p0
<filename.patch>' but patch hangs.  I'm not familiar with applying
patches.  Is my command wrong is this something to do with a patch
created in 2008 for Ubuntu will not work on a 2010 Debian?

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