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Re: b43, pump, &&

On Wed, 27 Oct 2010 14:08:29 +0200 steef <[][][]> wrote:

> tp rephrase my question: how can i bring the card to connect me to
> the outside_internet_world instead of to something like 
> */home/steef/localhost/www.&&&
> ???????

The card doesn't give a toss what's going on. Its not the card.

You're making no sense. 

Are you trying to say that

- when you try to go to the outside world you are redirected to
- You can't ping anywhere?
- any pings you make are targeted at localhost?

Have you followed the process for manually bringing up a wireless card?

$ su
# ifconfig wlan0 down
# iwconfig wlan0 essid "MY_ESSID"
( if you use a wireless key... )
# iwconfig wlan0 key D34DB33FB4B3
# ifconfig wlan0 up
# dhclient -v wlan0
# exit
$ curl http://www.example.com

It sounds like to me that you set an HTTP proxy configured in your env

As well, I don't use the firmware-installer I just keep a tarball of
the b43 firmwares kicking around on my website.


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