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Re: Mail server recommendations

On 2010-10-26 14:13, Camaleón wrote:
>> * spamassassin (in case I ever decide to work around the port 25 block)

spampd is your friend.

>> * roundcube for webmail
> As an alternative to Roundcube (I avoid webmail as much as I can) I would 
> take a look into Squirrel.

RoundCube is simply great. At least this is what my users tell me (a
lot, BTW). For people who like to double-click in web apps and do drag
and drop because they can't tell the difference between a local app and
a web app, RoundCube is THE frontend to use. They try to behave as much
as possible like a local app. Users seem to like it.

In addition to that, it's actively developed patches that you send get
applied very quickly.

postfix, spampd, clamav, dovecot and roundcube play together very nicely.

Just my 2c.

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