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Re: Upgrade to Squeeze failed

lrhorer wrote:

>         Well, this is the third or fourth upgrade to Squeeze from
>         Lenny I have
> attempted, and they all have been painful.  This one has failed,
> though.  I upgraded and got everything working, but then I decided to
> clean up a bit.  I did a couple of runs of `apt-get autoremove` and an
> `apt-get upgrade, along with installing startupmanager.  I removed the
> old 2.6.26 kernel image, and then updated Grub.  Then I rebooted the
> machine. Grub comes up, and if I let it boot to Windows, it works, but
> if I select Linux (normal or recovery), very shortly after starting to
> boot the video output from the machine just dies.  I don't mean it
> goes blank, I mean the video goes away altogether, as if the machine
> is shut
> down.  The monitor reports a loss of video signal, yet the PC is still
> running and continues to access the hard drive.
>         When it was working, the machine would start out in text mode,
>         but
> quickly would switch to graphics mode when booting.  I am not certain,
> but I think it is at this same point the video output dies, now.  I've
> tried booting from the installation CD and removing then re-installing
> xorg, kdm, and kdebase.  No joy.  What should I try, now?
>         I captured the dmesg and syslog files, but nothing jumps out
>         at me.  Is
> there something specific for which I should look in the logs?

OK, I found the issue.  One of the things I did was run GRUB2's
startupmanager and set the default boot option.  While I was in there,
I also told it to show the boot splash and changed the resolution to
1024 x 768.  Apparently, it did not like that.  I booted the system to
a bank screen then telnetted in from another machine and removed the
contents of the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT line.  Of course I then ran
update-grub and rebooted.  Viola!  Now it boots normally.

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