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Re: Stopping sound preview

Nautilus.  How counterintuitive.  To me, anyway.  I should have realized.

is there any more intuitive GDM ?

Oh, I don't know. The point is not that this one or that one is better than the other, it's that this one could be improved a little. Or maybe I'm just not very savvy about GUI desktops.

I never used GDM, but I wonder how a *dm could be counterintuitive...

I always felt that most settings of a GUI desktop should be collected under a "control panel". GNOME does this fairly well with the "System" menu, but it still categorizes things in ways different from what I would choose. Example: 'System | Preferences | File Management', to decide that I don't want to hear sound when hovering over an icon, or 'System | Preferences | File Management' and not 'System | Preferences | Preferred Applications' to choose default application for opening files. Indeed, 'System | Preferences | Preferred Applications' seems redundant to me now that I come to think about it, especially since choosing a setting with it seems to have no effect whatsoever on my system, anyway.

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