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Re: text-only login is root?

On 10/21/2010 05:26 PM, post id wrote:
> --- On Thu, 10/21/10, David Jardine <david@jardine.de> wrote:

<--deleted apology-->

>> On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 02:49:03PM -0700, post id wrote:
>>> I've set up a minimal system on one of my machines and
>> used no login 
>>> manager -- I login at the prompt and type startx to
>> start the 
>>> graphical session. Now I read a claim that if one
>> didn't use a login 
>>> manager to log in and start X, then one  was logging
>> in with root 
>>> privileges. 

<<--deleted on purpose-->>

>> You don't get a command prompt because you haven't logged
>> out of the 
>> X session.  
> And since that X session was started in that screen
> it's still there running when I do a ctrl+alt+f1.
> The login manager doesn't use a screen to start X, so
> it doesn't show up on a screen, right?
> So what's the following that appears on the screen?:
> Entering Restore TV
> Restore TV PLL
> Restore TV HV
> Restore TV Restarts
> Restore Timing Tables
> Restore TV Standard
> Leaving Restore TV

<<--and some more-->>

Your login is on tty1, where you then run startx.

The startx script runs the xserver on another tty, tty7 is one (I think
the usual) place.

So, when you use Ctl-Alt-F1 you'll go back to tty1, where you've logged
in and are running 'startx'.

But if you use Ctl-Alt-F[2-6] you'll get to one of tty2 - tty6, and
you'll see a login prompt (assuming you have more than one virtual tty
set up for login).

All that output on tty1 is simply startx telling you what it's doing.
Which is a good thing ;) because if there are problems, the relevant
error message will be there, too.

Bob McGowan

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