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Re: text-only login is root?

Hi, postid:

On Friday 22 October 2010 02:26:38 post id wrote:

> So how do I shut down X properly? On this laptop I
> usually do "shutdown -h now" from a console when I'm
> ready to quit.

That certainly will stop the X environment since what you are doing is 
completly halting the machine.

In order to just stop the X environment but still running your computer you 
can always do it "brute force": the key combination Ctrl-Alt-Delete will 
forcibly stop "just" the X environment.  By doing this, you will see you are 
returned to the controlling terminal and that the command prompt will be 
restored (since the "startx program" is now stopped; remember my previous 
message about it).

If startx is configured, as I suspect, to start not only the X-Windows system 
but a window/desktop manager too (xfce, KDE, Gnome, whatever), there will be 
somewhere within the window manager an option to shut it down (depending on 
the environment, it will be accesable using your right mouse button or an 
entry somewhere on the desktop bar).  This will allow for the GUI to 
properly "clean itself" prior to stop so it should be considered the proper 

But again, by what you say it seems that all you do from the text console is 
launching your GUI and once you end up with your GUI you don't mean completly 
stopping your computer.  Given that, I'd say you'd be better off by 
installing a graphical login manager (you yourself suggested xdm) and forget 
about all this.


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