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Re: text-only login is root?

On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 05:26:38PM -0700, post id wrote:
> --- On Thu, 10/21/10, David Jardine <david@jardine.de> wrote:
> [...]
>                   I can't find a setting with this web mail
> that affects line length. I'll do manual carriage returns until
> I find a solution.

Isn't that a good enough solution? :)

> > [...]
> >               Now I read a claim that if one didn't use a login 
> > manager to log in and start X, then one  was logging in with root 
> > privileges. 
> > 
> > Where did you read that nonsense?
> I stumbled across it as I was reading howtos on installations
> on the Internet.

Well, forget it.

> [...]
> And since that X session was started in that screen
> it's still there running when I do a ctrl+alt+f1.

Right.  If you move to (probably) tty7, you'll be back in your X

> The login manager doesn't use a screen to start X, so
> it doesn't show up on a screen, right?

I'm afraid I don't know about login managers.

> So what's the following that appears on the screen?:
> Entering Restore TV
> Restore TV PLL
> Restore TV HV
> Restore TV Restarts
> Restore Timing Tables
> Restore TV Standard
> Leaving Restore TV

They're messages left by startx (or programs called by startx). I have 
no idea what those particular ones mean, but they look unproblematic.
Better than the error messages I always see. :)

> This is a laptop with an LCD screen.
> Is it trying to drive an external monitor?

No idea.

> [...]
> >          You just have to learn how to close your X
> > session down  properly.
> > 
> So how do I shut down X properly? On this laptop I 
> usually do "shutdown -h now" from a console when I'm
> ready to quit.

We'd need to know more about your setup to answer that.  Are you using a 
window manager (fluxbox? blackbox? fvwm?...)?  You can always close your 
X session by brute force with ctrl-alt-backspace; closing all running 
applications (including xterms) ususally does it more elegantly.


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