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Re: text-only login is root?

Could you please wrap your lines (70 or so characters per line)?  It 
makes it easier to read and to reply to.

On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 02:49:03PM -0700, post id wrote:
> I've set up a minimal system on one of my machines and used no login 
> manager -- I login at the prompt and type startx to start the 
> graphical session. Now I read a claim that if one didn't use a login 
> manager to log in and start X, then one  was logging in with root 
> privileges. 

Where did you read that nonsense?

>             That doesn't appear to be true since I don't seem to have 
> root privileges, although when I do ctrl-alt-f1 I get a list of 
> messages such as "Restore TV PLL," etc. rather than a command prompt. 

You don't get a command prompt because you haven't logged out of the 
X session.  

> I don't get that on my other machines running graphical login 
> managers. Do I have a security problem here? If so, will just 
> installing a lightweight login manager (xdm?) cure it or do I need to 
> change some settings somewhere? I'd be thankful for advice.

You have no security problem.  You started X as the user who called 
startx.  You just have to learn how to close your X session down 


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