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Re: Sata 3

On Thursday, October 21, 2010 06:29:35 pm Camaleón wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Oct 2010 07:56:19 +1000, GeraldCC wrote:
> (...)
> > It does seem to me, at least, the kernel does not really support Sata 3
> > out of the boxes. This is a new box, and I have just upgraded it to all
> > Sata 3 drives. When it only had 1 Sata 3 drive and 2 Sata 2 drives it
> > ran all Linuxes with no trouble. But then they were not running raid1. I
> > will now try straight installations with no raid components and see if
> > it changes the way systems work. I will have Sata 3 to Sata 2, but
> > working in Sata 3 ports.
> Try to configure the SATA 3 host controller for using AHCI, if possible.
> > Certainly with a raid1 system all versions of Linux,if they run at all,
> > do not work as expected!!
> Fakereaid (dmraid) is always problematic. Or by "raid1" you meant
> "software" raid (mdraid) or "hardware" (dedicated controller) raid?
> Greetings,
Hi, I am using software raid, pensions do not extend to buying real raid 
cards, using mdadm and palimset.
After many re-installs and watching what I am doing, I finally have the system 
running. The system is set up to use AHCI. on all systems that support it.
Many Thanks for answering my call, I am just restructuring, my systems to get 
the best method of using the computers that I have.

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