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Sata 3

Hi  to all,
Sata 3 seems to have problems with all versions of Linux that I have thrown at 
PClinuxOS 2010.07 on right click with mouse make the system non-responsive,no 
keyboard or mouse clicks, and basically no real screen display-only a white 
screen and no "X" on rebooting.
Debian (All flavours) just does not run properly. By that I mean the system 
just behaves oddly. Some things do not work and rebooting also gives "X" 
Centos 5.5 is just very odd. it seems to remember things that were done hours 
ago and reboots do not clear the problems.
It is not possible to upgrade/update Centos as it thinks that the updater is 
already running. Now on IDE/Sata1/2 with raid1 systems it run fine. As do all 
versions of Linux.
It does seem to me, at least, the kernel does not really support Sata 3 out of 
the boxes. This is a new box, and I have just upgraded it to all Sata 3 
drives. When it only had 1 Sata 3 drive and 2 Sata 2 drives it ran all Linuxes 
with no trouble. But then they were not running raid1.
I will now try straight installations with no raid components and see if it 
changes the way systems work. I will have Sata 3 to Sata 2, but working in 
Sata 3 ports.
Certainly with a raid1 system all versions of Linux,if they run at all, do not 
work as expected!!

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