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Re: [solved] Re: "Chicken-egg" printer problem

Dne, 19. 10. 2010 15:05:21 je Gilbert Sullivan napisal(a):

In addition to considering the compatibility of a printer with your OS you might want to consider its design compatibility with your printing needs.

The issue you ran into with your Epson not being able to clear its print heads effectively is one I've run into before. If you use an inkjet printer only sporadically you may be best served by buying an inkjet printer design which replaces the print heads along with the Ink cartridges. This makes the replacement cartridges much more expensive, but it means you get new print heads when you replace the cartridges.

If your needs can be handled by a b&w or color laser printer, that's even better. Laser printers cost more up front, but mine have more than paid for the cost differential with inkjet printers in the lower long-range cost of operation. (Laser printer cartridges cost a lot, but the last much, much longer than inkjet cartridges.)

Excellent advice. Couldn't agree more. In addition, depending on your situation and location, you may consider additional options, such as:

-- are your printing needs sporadic enough to warrant the services of a printing shop? Many printing shops accept files on USB sticks, CDs etc. and then print the files for you at affordable prices -- and you generally get state-of-the art printout quality; -- is your neighborhood (or condo, or household) large and friendly enough to warrant the purchase of a quality newtorked laser printer/copier in common, for all the members to use (and to place in the lobby or something)?

The "printer and cartridges" business model has been a thorn in the side of conscientious consumers for years.


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