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Re: Continue without install grub (y/n) confusion


Nuno Magalhães wrote:
I had a similar problem recently where some package failed to install,
which caused grub to fail as well. Switching to a console and issuing
aptitude install grub did the trick.

I had a different problem, not sure it should have been.

Installed Debian from 5.06 netinst using ssh.

Setup RAID6 over 6 drives (single partition on each drive), lvm2 of that and there was no way I could install grub [lilo failed, but I didn't want lilo anyway].

Dropped back to allocating 2 partitions per drive and using the smaller one as a 6 way RAID1 mirror for /boot -- then RAID6 for the large partitions with lvm2 covering root and other areas; then I could install grub.


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