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Re: Problem with Totem?

Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> Does sound like a bug in GStreamer or the GStreamer plugin in use.  I would 
> suggest generating a test file that can be shared with the Totem team and 
> filing a bug with them.  Hopefully they will be able to help you locate the 
> misbehaving GStreamer plugin and get the test data to the correct 
> developer(s).  Be sure the test file works correctly in as many free-software 
> players as possible and DOESN'T work in the latest release of Totem.
The fact is that I'm using Debian Lenny, and thus

$ totem --version
GNOME totem 2.22.2

Another problem is that the sound is done for an university project, and
I can't share it. Do you know if some modifications were made to Totem,
on this particular subject? I might try deforming the sound sufficiently
to share it.
> It may be possible that you discover along the way that Debian is affected 
> because of old versions or packaging bugs or both.  If that's the case, fling 
> a bug against the proper Debian package (probably one of the GStream plugins) 
> would be appreciated.
> I suggest going to upstream with this first because it seems unlikely that the 
> GStreamer packaging process would break totem, but that's just my guess.
Thanks for the info.

Merciadri Luca
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