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Re: Problem with Totem?

In <[🔎] 87vd4zbn46.fsf@merciadriluca-station.MERCIADRILUCA>, Merciadri Luca wrote:
>I used this process hundreds of times, but, now, it generates a wav
>file (`mynewsong.wav') which cannot be interpreted by `Totem music
>player' (which is part of GNOME's front-end for Debian Linux). Yet,
>VLC plays it nicely. The message that Totem gives me is
>GStreamer encountered a general stream error.
>Under Microsoft Windows Media Player, people can listen to my file
>without any issues.

Does sound like a bug in GStreamer or the GStreamer plugin in use.  I would 
suggest generating a test file that can be shared with the Totem team and 
filing a bug with them.  Hopefully they will be able to help you locate the 
misbehaving GStreamer plugin and get the test data to the correct 
developer(s).  Be sure the test file works correctly in as many free-software 
players as possible and DOESN'T work in the latest release of Totem.

It may be possible that you discover along the way that Debian is affected 
because of old versions or packaging bugs or both.  If that's the case, fling 
a bug against the proper Debian package (probably one of the GStream plugins) 
would be appreciated.

I suggest going to upstream with this first because it seems unlikely that the 
GStreamer packaging process would break totem, but that's just my guess.
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