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GSLB global server loadbalancing - possible?

Hi to all,

At work we have an Apache loadbalancer (mod_jk, reverse proxy, for intranet) which is encountering about 54 million requests from all over Europe. We've also some branches in North America and Southeast Asia. This is a huge corporate network an I would like to implement some kind of global server loadbalancing so that clients could connect (to the domain) even when the main data center isn't responsible.

So before we will purchase a commercial solution (F5, Netscaler, foo, ....) I would like to ask how you would build up such a configuration based upon open source?
I read a lot about it (like http://www.tenereillo.com/GSLBPageOfShame.htm and manny others) and I think it should be possible.

I guess it will be a combination of Bind (availability for views to connect the source IP to different DNS resolutions), Linux-HA and maybe a self written script(?) based logic to manipulate the components.
Anyone who have already implemented a similar solution? Any advice for know programs?

Maybe we could start a little discussion about the capabilities? Anyone interested?

Thanks for feadback!


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