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ATI problems


For the past several months, I have been unable to run Compiz on my desktop at work. At home, I run KDE 4.4.5 and use compiz 0.8.4 for compositing. On this box, I have a GeForce 8600GT video card and am using the closed nvidia driver.

At work, I have a similar configuration, but I have an ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT card. I have tried the ATI driver, Radeon and am currently running the closed fglrx.

This configuration used to work under fglrx, until ATI painted me into a corner with a driver upgrade. Now when I start compiz, the borders and all the compositing features work, only I am unable to see because all of the surfaces (the panel, the contents of the terminal windows, etc) are solid white. Sometimes the browser will come up normally, but it eventually goes white as well.

I've played around with fixing it several times, but have contented myself with KDE compositing, though I prefer compiz.

Anyone know of a fix for this?


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