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Re: OT: advice on Notebook, smartbook from alwaysinnovating

Dne, 14. 10. 2010 03:06:59 je Thierry Chatelet napisal(a):
Here we have to buy any
laptop with win#$$% inside, and then fight to get it remove and get some money

Sounds we Europeans are even worse off than Americans themselves? Way to go, Mr. Gates!

HP does not want to
give you anything back, and many others don't want to pay for shipment, so it
make no sense because it's almost as much as they give back.!!

If you shop around, you'll find that many HP laptops come preinstalled with FreeDOS. That's how I bought mine. They may even have laptops preinstalled with OpenSuSE (I hear it's their distro of choice, at least for certain laptop models).


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