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Re: Partitioning a drive with Windows 7 already installed

On 10/12/2010 5:24 PM, Ogya Chief wrote:

I have Win 7 home premium. I will find out what tools for
partitioning/backup came with it and decide on my next course of action.

The reason to make a complete system snapshot first (and not just your data) is because Microsoft is greedy and has no sense of humor. If you accidentally wipe out Windows, they might require you to buy it all over again. Even if the manufacturer of your PC offers to send you a recovery disc, they will probably charge you a fee.

The Home Premium edition may not come with a full backup. It may only backup whatever it thinks is your data, not the system files. I recall that some Vista versions were that way. I don't know about Win 7, you probably want to find out.

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