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Re: --set-selections - help needed to use this

On Tue, 12 Oct 2010 12:05:50 +0100, Lisi wrote:

> I am installing on a new box.  I have copied the installed_packages.txt
> from the old box onto a CD.  (I am physically 10 miles away from the old
> box)
> I am failing in using teh list to install.  I navigated to
> /media/cdrom0, then did
> #dpkg --set-selections < installed_packages.txt #apt-get -u
> dselect-upgrade
> After the first, the system complained that the file is read only.  But
> I only want to read it, surely?  And after the second command 0 files
> were installed!
> I could perhaps copy the file to the main filesystem and change the
> permissions - but in that case, where should I put it to enable dpkg to
> find it?
> Or am I perhaps doing something else wrong?

I can't tell why:

- it complains about being read-only (we all know cd-r are read only 
- does not perform any action


But I'm quite sure you can copy "installed_packages.txt" and put it 
elsewhere in your system and run the same command (no need to modify its 
perms), i.e.: 

cp /media/cdrom0/installed_packages.txt /home/lisi/Desktop
dpkg --set-selections < /home/lisi/Desktop/installed_packages.txt



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