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how to umount a usb flash drive through cli as a normal user

i have installed debian 5.0.5 on virtualbox. i am learning about how to live without a desktop environment. i have installed fluxbox and trying to familiarise with it. i use usb flash drive almost on daily basis, plugging in and out atleast four times. i did not installed any GUI file manager. i am using mc and so far it is damn excellent.

i have installed pmount to minimise use of root account. upon reading the man page of pmount, i have installed ntfs-3g.

to mount the usb flash drive :

[a] start mc and search for jet under /dev/disk/by-id folder and note down the name, for e.g. sdb1

[b] $ pmount /dev/sdb1

the above command is mounting the usb flash drive properly. to umount the flash drive :
# umount /dev/sdb1

i hope the above command is correct. but there is an issue.

in /media/ folder there are folders of my previous mounts, today i have mounted flash drive 2 times. there are two folders /sdb1 and /sdc1. even after rebooting the system they are present.

so i have basically the following inquiries :

[1] how to umount a usb flash drive without leaving any trace ?
[2] how can i automatically mount a usb flash drive ?
[3] how do i umount a flash drive as a normal user ?

thank you.

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