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Re: List of installed packages without their dependencies

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
> Chance Platt wrote:
> > Loris Boillet wrote:
> > > Is there an easy way to get the list or a view of all installed
> > > packages which are not the dependency of something? Or in other
> > > words, packages which don't have any reverse dependencies installed.
> >
> > deborphan --all-packages
> Well, I must say that 'deborphan -a' is only partially successful,
> shows quite a few packages that I have no idea where they came from.

For you maybe but that was a perfect answer for the original question
that Loris asked.

  $ man deborphan

    deborphan -- Orphaned package finder
    'deborphan' finds  packages that have no packages depending on them.

> The only way I know how to do this is to keep a script uptodate that
> is used to install the system you have from scratch.

When you freshly install a new system you will almost certainly see
quite a few packages that you have no idea how they arrived on the
system.  A few of the d-i steps install entire sections of programs.

See "man tasksel" for more information on at least part of it.

  $ tasksel --list-tasks

  $ for t in $(tasksel --list-tasks | awk '$1=="i"{print$2}'); do tasksel --task-packages $t; done


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