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Re: List of installed packages without their dependencies

Chance Platt wrote:
Loris Boillet wrote:
Is there an easy way to get the list or a view of all installed
packages which are not the dependency of something? Or in other words,
packages which don't have any reverse dependencies installed. It looks
like debtree can't do it for instance.
deborphan --all-packages

Well, I must say that 'deborphan -a' is only partially successful, shows quite a few packages that I have no idea where they came from.

The only way I know how to do this is to keep a script uptodate that is used to install the system you have from scratch.

main/libs                 libfftw3-3
main/utils                hddtemp
main/oldlibs              mktemp
main/libs                 libpq5
main/libs                 libsuitesparse-3.1.0
main/libdevel             libxpm-dev
main/net                  samba
main/libs                 libcelt0-0
main/utils                wmmount
main/devel                desktop-file-utils
main/libdevel             libqwt5-qt4-dev
main/libs                 libbeecrypt6
main/python               python-twisted
main/text                 mpage
main/devel                liwc
main/graphics             feh
main/admin                atop
main/alien                flagship
main/sound                beep
main/net                  dnsutils
main/libs                 libgtkimageview0
main/text                 a2ps
main/libs                 libhd15
main/interpreters         tcl8.4
main/admin                dpkg-repack
main/interpreters         expect
main/libdevel             libnautilus-extension-dev
main/x11                  xbindkeys
main/x11                  x-window-system-core
main/admin                hwinfo
main/database             sqlite3
main/x11                  wmifs
main/net                  wmppp.app
main/libs                 libdirectfb-1.0-0
main/libs                 libmcs1
main/sound                snd
main/x11                  wmmoonclock
main/libs                 libparted1.8-10
main/admin                partimage
main/admin                fbset
main/sound                mpg321
main/net                  ddclient
main/libdevel             libgtk1.2-dev
main/libs                 libmysqlclient15off
main/sound                vorbis-tools
main/tex                  bibtool
main/mail                 getmail4
main/tex                  tetex-extra
main/tex                  tetex-base
main/libs                 libamrwb3
main/net                  google-chrome-beta
main/libdevel             libidl-dev
main/tex                  latex2rtf
main/admin                apcupsd
main/admin                chrony
main/libs                 libkpathsea4
main/admin                hal-info
main/utils                xmacro
main/libs                 libhal-storage1
main/libs                 liboil0.3
main/utils                mondo
main/libdevel             libxtst-dev
main/tex                  bibindex
main/sound                alsamixergui
main/libs                 libx264-93
main/misc                 chkrootkit
main/editors              kedit
main/perl                 libapt-pkg-perl
main/doc                  man2html
main/utils                jigdo-file
main/doc                  stl-manual
main/net                  traceroute
main/admin                pppconfig
main/devel                cxref
main/graphics             xpaint
main/utils                htop
main/utils                reprepro
main/libs                 libxtrap6
main/otherosfs            uml-utilities
main/devel                cutils
main/sound                cdcd
main/libs                 libxxf86misc1
main/libs                 libltdl3
main/math                 gcalctool
main/libs                 libvoikko1
main/utils                tleds
main/x11                  xclip
main/devel                autoproject
main/libs                 libsnmp15
main/tex                  texlive-humanities
main/misc                 debian-multimedia-keyring
main/libs                 libgtkglext1
main/net                  gtk-gnutella
main/doc                  qt4-doc-html
main/net                  wicd
main/libs                 libraw1394-8
main/libs                 libpoppler-glib3
main/libs                 libdb4.6
main/libs                 libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2
non-free/utils            unrar
main/shells               csh
main/utils                attr
main/utils                hibernate
main/libs                 libcurl3
main/libs                 libavahi-core5
main/net                  ftp
main/libs                 libx264-60
main/tex                  texlive-generic-extra
main/libdevel             libsensors-dev
main/text                 openoffice.org-writer2latex
main/libs                 libgail-common
main/devel                devscripts
main/libs                 libao2
main/tex                  tetex-bin
main/net                  firehol
main/utils                acl
main/net                  netcat-traditional
main/editors              hexedit
main/graphics             graphviz
main/x11                  wmcpuload
main/java                 libxalan2-java
main/libs                 libdivxdecore0
main/libs                 libamrnb3
main/libdevel             libxml2-dev
main/libs                 libwebkit-1.0-1
main/x11                  wmtemp
main/doc                  info
main/libs                 libfreebob0
main/oldlibs              libcupsys2-dev
main/oldlibs              diff
main/math                 libgsl0ldbl
main/libdevel             libdirectfb-dev
main/devel                cflow
main/libs                 libmikmod2
main/sound                aumix
main/libs                 libkadm55
main/sound                saytime
main/libdevel             libnewt-dev
main/python               python-excelerator
main/sound                bplay
main/kernel               kernel-package
main/python               python-docutils
main/libs                 libtalloc1
main/admin                libpam-ck-connector
main/tex                  untex
main/libs                 libk3b3-extracodecs
contrib/kernel            firmware-b43-installer
main/tex                  hyperlatex
main/doc                  libqwt-doc
main/graphics             kcoloredit
main/sound                lame
main/utils                mc
main/libs                 libneon27
main/misc                 popularity-contest
main/admin                rsyslog
main/misc                 installation-report
main/libs                 libstdc++5
main/libs                 libscrollkeeper0
main/utils                k3b
main/admin                cruft
main/database             mysql-server
main/libs                 libfaad0
main/php                  php5-mysql
main/devel                nowebm
main/libs                 libmodplug0c2
main/devel                qt4-designer
main/editors              the
main/utils                smartmontools
main/admin                rkhunter

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