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Re: converting jpg to pdf without imagemagick

Jozsef Vadkan wrote:
> after trying to convert 173 jpg files to one pdf:
> strace convert *.jpg ../outpud.pdf -verbose
> +++ killed by SIGKILL +++

SIGKILL?  What would be actively killing your process with kill -9?
Could it be that it is running out of memory and the linux kernel out
of memory killer (oom) is doing it?  I would guess so in this case.
How much memory is it using?  You might need more VM space.  You might
be able to allocate more swap to avoid the limit.

> can someone help me, how to convert 173 jpg files [~100 MByte] to one
> pdf, _NOT_ using imagemagick?

I would convert 173 jpg files to 173 pdf files first.  Then
concatenate 173 pdf files into one using pdftk.

  for f in *.jpg; do convert $f $(basename $f .jpg).pdf; done
  pdftk *.pdf cat output combined.pdf


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