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Re: Behavior of aptitude and autoremoving

On Monday October 11 2010 19:28:42 Sven Joachim wrote:
> Not necessarily.  There may be other packages which depend on C | B, and
> previously you had C installed but not B.  In this case B is not unused.

Right, I didn't think of that. Thanks for clarifying.

> Now this is interesting.  Although aptitude did not remove cpp-4.5
> automatically, it has marked it for removal.  When you start aptitude
> without arguments and press "g", it should tell you that it will remove
> cpp-4.5 and libmpc2.  At least that's what I get in Debian
> sid/experimental.

Yep, it does so here too. So I guess aptitude figures out the unused package 
relationship just fine after gcc-4.5 was removed, but it just doesn't actually 
perform the autoremoval?

> > To sum it up: cpp-4.5 seems to remain installed because gcc-4.5
> > depends on it, even when gcc-4.5 is installed.
> I think you mean "even when gcc-4.5 is *un*installed".

Yes, definitely :-)

> No, I think you found a bug in aptitude.

Should I file a bug in the bug tracker or wait for more comments?

Thanks for replying!

 Gard Spreemann
 <spreeman@math.ntnu.no>, <spreeman@pvv.ntnu.no>, <gspreemann@gmail.com>

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