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Re: Highly recommended openoffice packages

On Mon, 11 Oct 2010 14:06:06 +0000, T o n g wrote:

> I did a rough count, and there are over 230 openoffice.org related
> packages in Debain.
> I only want to install a minimum set, eg, openoffice.org-writer,
> openoffice.org-calc and openoffice.org-impress, but am wonder if any
> other packages are recommended and worthwhile to install as well.

I only have installed these 25:

sm01@stt008:~$ dpkg -l | grep openoffice.org
ii  openoffice.org                       
ii  openoffice.org-base                  
ii  openoffice.org-base-core             
ii  openoffice.org-calc                  
ii  openoffice.org-common                
ii  openoffice.org-core                  
ii  openoffice.org-draw                  
ii  openoffice.org-evolution             
ii  openoffice.org-filter-mobiledev      
ii  openoffice.org-gcj                   
ii  openoffice.org-gnome                 
ii  openoffice.org-gtk                   
ii  openoffice.org-help-en-us            
ii  openoffice.org-help-es               
ii  openoffice.org-impress               
ii  openoffice.org-java-common           
ii  openoffice.org-l10n-es               
ii  openoffice.org-math                  
ii  openoffice.org-officebean            
ii  openoffice.org-report-builder-bin    
ii  openoffice.org-style-andromeda       
ii  openoffice.org-style-tango           
ii  openoffice.org-thesaurus-en-us       
ii  openoffice.org-writer                
ii  openoffice.org-writer2latex          



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