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Re: case fan control


> All right.  So it depends on the MB.  What about OP's MB?

I'm a bit late with answer, but had to go to work.
The case is el cheapo and had slim fan without any control. I got
new, but that one was "fat" and I had to change the place for it.
The whole case and components are never hot, even warm. During
stream session the server is not in the sight or at ear distance
to make annoyance. It is only a matter of proving it might be
The very box is not my first choice and comes as "make it cheap
as possible". Another variant was:
This small box is not easy to find and is expensive compared to
atom node. Anyway, since the server fulfills it's job, I'm sure
I will keep it on the hidden place and have it up when needed,
not 24/7 as I'd use fit-pc.
Thank you all for respond and insight at acpi for atom.
Best regards


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