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Re: case fan control

Dne, 11. 10. 2010 11:34:04 je Camaleón napisal(a):

lm_sensors provides that ability _but_ I think you still need 4-pin fans
or you can get undesired results:


What I use is a "fixed" regulator (external) for controlling the micro
fan speed. Dunno if "fancontrol" can also do it that way :-?

It would seem that the fancontrol package is meant for manually tweaking the fans -- something I wouldn't reccommend and something I don't use myself. As already stated on this list a while ago, fan control (just as thermal shutdown) is best left to the hardware. Trying to override it with user settings may lead to unwanted results.

I avoid using PWM fans, for computer case or heatsink. I prefer to stick with 3-pin and manually control them to get a silent PC. In fact, most of the fans in the case are unregulated but of those called "quiet" (min.18/
max.25dB) so I don't have to bother about them.



You're right about the fancontrol package -- according to its manpage, it apparently only deals with pwm fans. Many "el cheapo" fans are voltage-regulated though, and IME many motherboards with 3-pin headers have provisions for regulating the voltage (and, consequently, the fan speed) of at least some of those headers. That said, without the motherboard's manual, our guesswork can only be academic.


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