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Re: Pdf Font hardly legible

On 10/09/2010 09:00 PM, Memnon Anon wrote:
John Jason Jordan<johnxj@comcast.net>  writes:

Of the open source PDF viewers, Okular (formerly Kpdf) is the best
overall . But Evince has a better export to PostScript and is more
lightweight. I don't mind using closed source apps as long as they're
free, so I use Adobe Reader a lot as well. There was a recent upgrade
of Adobe Reader to 9.4. Among other closed source tools I also have
Cabaret and Foxit Reader, all running natively on Linux x86_64.

Lightweight is what I need. My machine is an "old" P3 1.2 Ghz with
"only" 512 MB Ram. I tried Adobe Reader once, but it was *really* heavy;
it was ridiculous: this machine suffices for everything I do, but
reading a text 100 pages long with Adobe Reader made it feel sluggish.

Pdf has its benefits, but I really don't understand why displaying text
has to freak out my notebook more than basically anything else I am
doing, even with xpdf :(

What WM/DE do you use?

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