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Re: how to enable sound

On Sat, 09 Oct 2010 15:46:16 +0100, abdelkader belahcene wrote:

(please, don't cross-post)

> I am using squeeze
> I tried to enable the login sound,
> cnaberra is installed,
> It is done (on the same machine !!)  in ubuntu without problem, but not
> on debian, I ot this  error :
> canberra-gtk-play -f  t/usr/share/sounds/sabily/desktop-login.ogg Failed
> to play sound: Sound disabled
> I can hear the sound, and play different codecs ( avi, mp3 ....)
> I tried   to activate ( I suppose it disable, although I can paly sound
> !!!!) the sound  from theme in gnome-preferences-sound, but it is grayed
> no possiblity to do it!!!

Squeeze here, and sounds can be enabled (see linked snapshot):


Hint: try to force-load using gconf editor:

/desktop/gnome/sound/[x] event_sounds

Anyway, I hear no system sounds even I've enabled that setting (and relogin).

Moreover, I can only get sound when running this command as root user:

root@debian:~# canberra-gtk-play -f  /usr/share/sounds/ekiga/ring.wav

And it plays the "ring", but running the same as plain user, I get:

test@debian:~$ canberra-gtk-play -f  /usr/share/sounds/ekiga/ring.wav
Failed to play sound: File or data not found




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