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Re: iceweasel sometimes shows "untitled" when enter url

On Thu, 07 Oct 2010 22:30:40 +0800, yuanwei xu wrote:

> In this week,after iceweasel is started,it shows "Looking up
> www.google.com<http://www.xxx.com>"
> in the status bar,but it doesn't connect to the home page,just shows
> "(untitled)".It also happens when I open link in new tab or iceweasel
> failed to refresh page to the new link I clicked in the current page.
> This problem is very often.What may cause it? Iceweasel version is
> 3.5.13 on Debian squeeze. 

It seems to me that you are experiencing some kind of network "hiccup" 
that prevents your computer connecting to Internet. 

When Icewasel cannot establish a connection (or receives a "time out" or 
loads the "about:blank" page) it can display "Untitled" at the status bar 
(I guess it just gathers the <title></title> tag of the page, if none, 
shows that "Untitled" banner).

I would investigate your network glitches, the "untitled" text sounds 
like a "cosmetic" issue.



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