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Re: Re: 2 identical GSM-modem discern.

chat -E -s -V -f $modem_chat_script <$modem_device >$modem_device

So, that's what I did:

$ /usr/sbin/chat -E -s -V -f /tmp/qq </dev/ttyUSB0>/dev/ttyUSB0

in /tmp/qq I have:

Using the script in my previous mail you should be able to do

modem_cmd atd*#06#

In your example you miss a space before the ">",
and your /tmp/qq should look like

"" atd*#06#
OK ""

From man chat: A script consists of one or more "expect-send" pairs of strings, separated by spaces

So it reads as "expect nothing, send string, expect OK, send nothing"

The idea of the script is to be able to send -any- command.


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