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Re: what will happen if CPU overheat

Long Wind:
> if maximum temperature of PC's environment is 35 degrees
> then, maximum will be decreased by how much if the fan is removed?

There is no general answer to this question. It depends on your CPU,
heatsink, thermal paste, the computer case, airflow through the case and
inside the room and probably other factors I am forgetting right now.

But the important message remains: *never* operate a PC without adequate
CPU cooling! Simply tearing out the fan and possibly the heatsink may
fry the CPU.

However, I took two minutes to google for you and found this:

It looks like you can actually operate your CPU without active cooling.
But still: you need a good heatsink, thermal paste and you should make
sure to have a constant flow of fresh air through the case.

If we are speaking about a system that is running 24/7 (=unattended),
you really need to make sure your cooling system works. The worst case
scenario is that your PC catches fire and burns down your house.

The easiest solution is probably to rip out the fan and replace it with
a new one. And don't forget to replace the thermal paste.

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