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Re: what will happen if CPU overheat

Long Wind:
> I have a P3/550, slot 1
> the cpu fan is noisy, so I remove it
> but I am not sure about heat sink
> What will happen if CPU overheat?

If you are lucky: the CPU switches off the system before any damage is
done. If you are not so lucky, the CPU will die. If you have bad luck,
it will damage the motherboard, too.

> BTW how effective is a fan?

That obviously depends on the fan.

> If max room temperature is 35 degrees for a CPU with a fan,
> then, max will be decreased by how much if the fan is removed?

I don't get the question. But what you need to know is: do not remove
fans from CPUs unless you really know what you are doing (or if you
don't care about the hardware).

I would start by googling for "passive cooling p3 slot" or something to
that effect.

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