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Re: Daemontools question.

On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 1:32 PM, Karl E. Jorgensen <karl@fizzback.net> wrote

You may want to look into jsvc - this has some similar capabilities. For example, have a look at the init script for tomcat - this should be a good template

Thanks for the information - I have already looked into jsvc and, while it will work, the corporate standard here for all the servers running our own applications is daemontools so I am hesitant to create an "oddball" collection of servers. 

But I will certainly be considering jsvc in the future.

Java processes tend to be a bit nasty here: e.g. tomcat is intended to shut down when told (nicely) to shut down - by receipt of a message. But if it is wedged, then it will not reply and needs to be killed. Again, the init script for tomcat should be instructive here.

Hope this helps

Usually our apps shutdown OK but there have, indeed, been instances where they needed to be shutdown more forcefully.



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