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Re: Daemontools question.

On Wed, 2010-10-06 at 12:29 +0200, Friedrich Clausen wrote:
Hi All,

I am trying to run some Java programs under daemontools and it is
working quite well. Except they are running as root and I would like
to make them run as www-data. I found the daemontools "setuidgid"
program which works for well for starting up the application but then
daemontools cannot shut the application down again. Here is an example
of the daemontools run job -

# /etc/service/myapplication/run startup script
source /etc/default/myapplication
exec setuidgid www-data java  -jar /opt/webapps/myapplication.jar
--port 9000 --headless >> /opt/logs/myapplication.log 2>&1

You may want to look into jsvc - this has some similar capabilities. For example, have a look at the init script for tomcat - this should be a good template

when I leave out the setuidgid stuff then I am able to start and stop
the application. But with the above example the shutdown signal does
not seem to reach the Java process even though I am using exec.

Java processes tend to be a bit nasty here: e.g. tomcat is intended to shut down when told (nicely) to shut down - by receipt of a message. But if it is wedged, then it will not reply and needs to be killed. Again, the init script for tomcat should be instructive here.

Hope this helps
Karl E. Jørgensen

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