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Re: transcoding flv to mp4

> On Tue, 5 Oct 2010 18:58:05 +0200
> Jochen Schulz <ml@well-adjusted.de> wrote:
>> ffmpeg uses a fixed default for geometry (-s) and quality (-sameq,
>> -qscale, -vb etc.). You have to set both explicitly if you need anything
>> else (which you usually do).
> Thanks.  Is there a tutorial for simple transcoding that you can
> recommend?

Unfortunately, no. My experience (limited to transcoding DVD material)
is that there is no single command line that delivers a good
quality/time trade-off for all input files.

> I don't have the time or interest for anything fancy, just
> basic transcoding between formats, preserving as much of the quality of
> the original as possible.

Check out Handbrake. It lets you choose from sensible presets, IIRC.

> And shouldn't there be a simple switch or option that does pretty much
> that, i.e., "change the format, but keep the size and quality as close
> as possible to the original"?
> And why on earth is the default behavior to multiply the size by a
> factor of four just to retain the same quality?  Is mp4 really such an
> inferior format to flv that this is required to retain the level of
> quality?

No, but encoding from one lossy format to another with as little loss as
possible is a task quite hard. In my opinion, -sameq has little or no
use for real-life usage. Use qscale or something like that and see what
you get.

> Apologies in advance if these are naive questions, but I know little
> about this, and transcoding seems to be a sufficiently complex and
> arcane subject that simple web searching will only take one so far.

Your impression matches mine. :)

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