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Re: Install Office 2007 under 64 bit Wine

Dne, 04. 10. 2010 23:40:14 je T o n g napisal(a):

I'm having problem installing Ms Office 2007 under Wine on AMD64 box --
when I click the install button I get an endless list of errors in the
terminal, mainly to do with things being unimplemented. And the install
progress bar *never progress*.

Have you tried renaming temporarily your ~/.wine to ~/.wine.old prior to installing MS Office? Perhaps there's something in your current ~.wine profile messing it up. Renaming it will reset your Wine to the defaults (a default profile gets re-created the first time you launch Wine).

Also, it all "may" depend on which flavor of Windows (XP/Vista/2008...) you select in Wine Settings.

All other distros seems to be fine, as early as more than 2 years ago:

That was my attitude too, until I discovered that a freshly installed Debian was fine too; it was with prolonged use that my Wine installations got flaky -- just like real Windows! Although Wine "Is Not an Emulator", it emulates Windows rather well. The need to "reinstall your Windows OS" every 3 months or so is, therefore, a Wine feature and not a bug. Luckily, a "reinstall" is so simple to do in Wine: you just delete your ~/.wine profile et voila'.

That said, however, that's just my experience. Your mileage may vary. Even more so seeing that you're using Squeeze/Sid whereas my experience is strictly limited to Lenny.

Good luck,

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