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Re: My X environment has become "magnified"

On Mon, Oct 04, 2010 at 04:58:14PM +0100, Spiros Bousbouras wrote:
> Hi folks.
> I downloaded some new levels for the arcade game supertux. I tried
> supertux -d .
> on the directory where I had downloaded the levels but presumably I
> used the option incorrectly because the programme exited immediately.
> The problem is that my X environment is now "magnified".
> I'm sure that killing the X server would fix it but I have several
> applications running which I would prefer not to terminate so I'm
> looking for a solution which will not terminate my desktop session.
> Preferably also something which will work from the command line since
> most windows are so large that most of their content goes off the
> screen. I'm typing this on console.
> I tried pressing Alt+Ctrl+<keypad -> and it changes things a bit but
> does not return them to normal. Pressing the keys several times
> eventually results into a black screen and the monitor says "signal
> out of range" so I have to press Alt+Ctrl+<keypad +> to get picture
> again.
> I'm running Debian lenny with the ratpoison window manager.

sounds to my like it's just a resolution problem. I know supertux will
change the resolution, and if it dies, it won't be able to change it

try xrandr. You can connect to the display from a console by using the
-d option. Then you can list and set the resolution to something more

Note, that I'm not sure why Alt-Ctrl-<keypad +/-> wouldn't do that...


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