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/dev/videoN, vloopback & applications


coriander, vloopback-source, motion and skype are installed in 
Squeeze here.  vloopback.c compiled and the module loaded with 
no obvious problems.

I used "modprobe vloopback" interactively.  How should the 
module be loaded automatically at startup?  

joule:/# lsmod | grep vloop
vloopback               9842  0
videodev               25545  1 vloopback
joule:/# dmesg | grep vloop
[49343.049604] [vloopback_init] : video4linux loopback driver v1.3
[49343.053794] [vloopback_init] : Loopback 0 registered, input: video0, output:
[49343.053802] [vloopback_init] : Loopback 0 , Using 2 buffers

My understanding is that Coriander provides v4l to /dev/video0 and 
another application can retrieve the stream from /dev/video1.  It 
works for motion.  Given
  joule:/# grep videodevice /etc/motion/motion.conf
  videodevice /dev/video1
  joule:/# grep cam_port /etc/motion/motion.conf
  webcam_port 8081
Iceweasel displays the image at http://localhost:8081/.

Skype Options:Video Devices reports "Video loopback 0 output (dev/video1)" 
but [Test] gives no response.  Any suggestions to fix this?

Thanks,          ... Peter E.
Telephone 1 360 450 2132.  7785886232 is gone.
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drives survive; installation of NetBSD on new drives pending.
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