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Re: squeeze /etc/kbd/remap replace caps with ctrl

Volkan YAZICI wrote:
> Bob Proulx writes:
> > Volkan YAZICI wrote:
> >> In Squeeze, despite I removed the comment prefix of
> >> 
> >>   s/keycode  58 = Caps_Lock/keycode  58 = Control/;
> >> 
> >> line, neither "/etc/init.d/kbd restart", nor "restart" makes any
> >> difference in the caps lock key. Am I missing something or the
> >> configuration is broken and not working?
> >
> > Works for me.  Please show us exactly what you have tried.
> That's exactly what I've tried.
> Below is the original content of this file.
> Would you mind sharing your own /etc/kbd/remap configuration?

/etc/kbd/remap?  I don't have that file installed.  (I don't have the
'kbd' package installed.  I have 'console-tools' installed.)  I
thought you were talking about /etc/console/boottime.kmap.gz.  Sorry.
My bad.  You were clear enough about it in your original posting but I
didn't read it correctly.

>   # This sed script is run across the dumpkeys output to remap keys on the console

Since that sed command changes a input keymap file into a modified
keymap file it would make sense to look at the input and make sure it
has a line "keycode 58 = Caps_Lock" in the input that can be
transformed to the desired output.  I suspect that it is not in the
input and therefore cannot get converted to "keycode  58 = Control"
and therefore not getting configured as you desire it.  I am guessing
that the input file is either empty or minimul and this is defaulting
to the kernel map.

My own /etc/console/boottime.kmap.gz file contains a key assignment
for all keys on my keyboard (which probably would not be suitable for
other keyboards) including the following line:

keycode  58 = Control


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