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Re: need advice on a solution

On 10/04/2010 02:59 AM, Long Wind wrote:
I'm rather confused.
Another user Ron just say the opposite.
Suppose stock prices in an array (or table or database)
and  annual earnings of 10 years in another array (or table or database)

to compute PE using average of last 3 years
is like writing a program

Can spreadsheet really do the job?

You'll have to write the equations, but you can save the "go-to" and "for"
and "case of" commands,    and stuff like that.  (The go-to is ensconced
in the entry on the spread sheet--it's not really gone.) If you're comfortable
programming--one of the responders mentioned Pascal, that's a nice
language--then by all means, write the program.  It will probably be of
more generic use in the future.  But it would seem to me that a spreadsheet
_would_ be capable of what you want to do.  Just don't ask me to program it!

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