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Re: [FOLLOWUP] video card reccomendation

On 2010-10-03 21:27 +0200, Mark Allums wrote:

> The full procedure is:
> update-pciids

Hardly useful or necessary with an old card as the GF6200.

> apt-get install module-assistant nvidia-kernel-source
> m-a prepare
> m-a a-i nvidia

The nvidia-kernel-module-dkms package should make these steps

> depmod -a

Unnecessary, the postinst of the nvidia-kernel-$(uname-r) package runs
depmod for you.

> modprobe nvidia

Not necessary but may help to diagnose problems if the module fails to

> dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

Useless in Squeeze, better set up xorg.conf by hand or run


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