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Re: Problem with eSATA Port Multiplier

On 09/30/2010 10:13 PM, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
Ron Johnson put forth on 9/30/2010 7:16 PM:

I've got a no-name PMP that I want to connect to the eSata port on my mobo.

Attached are the output from "lspci -vvv" (It's a SiL 3132 chip and the
sata_sil24 driver is loaded) and /var/log/syslog.

I'm running a stock kernel:
   $ uname -r

The actual h/w is "different" in that you "push" the hdd into the
enclosure and it's held in via a leaf spring.  Thus, I wonder if the PMP
isn't firmly connecting with the hdd.

(Yes, I've Googled, but to no avail.)

Hay Ron,

Can you post dmesg output please.

[78511.900050] ata1.15: SATA link down (SStatus 0 SControl 10)
[78514.900060] ata1.15: qc timeout (cmd 0xe4)
[78514.900099] ata1.15: failed to read PMP GSCR[0] (Emask=0x5)
[78514.900113] ata1.15: PMP revalidation failed (errno=-5)
[78514.900118] ata1.15: failed to recover PMP after 5 tries, giving up
[78514.900124] ata1.15: Port Multiplier detaching
[78514.900163] ata1.00: disabled
[78516.900040] ata1: hard resetting link
[78518.981510] ata1: SATA link down (SStatus 0 SControl 0)
[78518.981536] ata1: EH complete

                                   Also, have you confirmed all cables
are firmly engaged?


                     Have you tried more than one eSATA cable?

Only have one.

Can you please post every bit of information you can find WRT the PMP
device and the drive enclosure?  Are they on in the same?  If you have
pictures of the devices that would be very helpful, so I can get an idea
of what plugs into what, and where, and how.


Seek truth from facts.

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