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Re: iomega 2TB external USB drive

Lisi wrote:
On Friday 10 September 2010 03:45:35 John Lindsay wrote:
Still trying to find out what is available to enable the drive in Debian.

Have you tried turning the icon on?


Hi Lisa

How do you turn it on? If I plug in a memory stick it automatically recognizes it and an icon appears on the desktop. I have a 10G harddrive that I removed from an old machine -- I made it into a portable USB drive -- if I plug it in -- an icon automatically appears. It's only debian that refuses to show the icon on the desktop. My 2nd machine that I use as a test machine had debian installed -- no icon. Run Ubuntu Live -- icon appears -- install Ubuntu Live -- icon appears. Install Linux mint 9 -- icon appears -- install Fedora 13 -- icon appears. In every case where the icon appears I can format it, partition it, read/write/move things -- I do have some other distros that I will try to see what happens but I suspect the icon will appear and the USB drive will appear as expected.

Thanks for your reply.


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