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Re: Emergence: recover deleted files

 On 09/07/2010 08:12 AM, Rodolfo Medina wrote:
When I reboot into a
live CD or into another partition of the hard disk, say hda8, as far as I know
- but maybe I'm wrong - during the reboot the system will write reports in some
files of hda6, which we don't want to.

Booting a live CD should not write anything to any disk. It's true that there are dozens of live CDs out there, but I see no reason why they should mess with your disks unless you tell them to.

I believe most won't even mount partitions in hard disks automatically.

   Instead, if I do: `# cd /mnt/hda8', and
run photorec from hda8, we avoid the possible damage caused by the reboot or
the shutdown, and also we don't touch hda6.  Is that true?

Again, where you run the program is essentially irrelevant - what matters is where files are written to. If the program writes to the current directory, then you must cd elsewhere, but if not, you could run from a directory in hda6 and just tell it to store files under /mnt/hda8.

However, probably the program will refuse to work on a mounted filesystem anyway.

By the way, it's late now, but did you try googling something like "how to use photorec"? I found some quite detailed guides.

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