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Re: Now lost boot dir

On 09/02/2010 12:26 PM, d_baron@012.net.il wrote:
  >  >  Using the Debian rescue CD, I built a 2.6.34 kernel compiling>  in more.>  >  However, locale issues prevented me from installing it and>  running lilo.>  >  Funny--worked fine last week. I got it to work today. Kernel will still not boot.>  I am wondering whether to>  bite the bullet>  >  and simply install a stock kernel.  Since I need Nouveau,>  it would need>  >  to be a more recent kernel, a  2.6.33,4 or 5. Which is recommended>  >  (all are called experimental and many images are simply lacking)?>  >  The standard 2.6.32 kernel used by Squeeze (I currently use>  2.6.32-5-686>  version 2.6.32-20) works fine, and includes the nouveau>  driver.  The>  nouveau driver seems to work OK in my experience, as long as you don't>  need interlaced video modes.OK. Does it work with sid xorg-video-nouveau or does it need the version from testing?>  >  Heard tell of compatibility problems with various nouveau compiles>  >  and its xorg drivers.  This would, of course, use th
e initrd.> > I stopped using initrd when the installations ran yaird and> this never> > worked.> > Debian has given up on yaird for now. Stock kernels use> initramfs-tools, which seems to work fine.> > > I used to use the old mkinitrd and have an obselete conf> > for it. Now, the update-initramfs serves this. Is> this smart enough> > to get me running with the newer SATA/PATA drivers (module policy> > defaults to "most")?> > The 2.6.32-5-686 kernel uses the newer libata drivers.> > > Do I need to specify most everything like> > in mkinitrd?> > MODULES=dep in /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/driver-policy seems to> work fine as long as you don't "cross build" your initial RAM> file systems. I.e. don't build an initial RAM file system> for a kernel which uses the old IDE drivers while running a kernel> which uses the newer libata drivers, or vice versa.I would run it from the rescue CD which uses the newer libata drivers.> > > (Yaird had a test mode which gave a usable list of what> > to include.)> > If you use the -v switch on update-initramfs it will list the> modules that it includes.> > > Can these images be used with lilo or are they already> > too large?> > I don't have any personal experience with the amd64 images,> but I can attest that the i386 ones work> fine with lilo, especially if you use the large-memory option,> and especially if you use MODULES=dep.> I don't know if I mentioned this earlier, but you might> want to take a look at my kernel-building web page,> http://www.wowway.com/~zlinuxman/Kernel.htm. It may have> some information that you will find useful, even if you use> a stock kernel, and especially if you use lilo.I'll give it a look!This new computer is a two-core intel so I assume it is 64 bit but that does not require me to use 64 bits, especially just to get the thing booting normally again.

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