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Thunderbird's not unsubscribing me from imap folders

I read all my e-mail via imap using Thunderbird (Icedove). I have several folder hierachies in my personal account, some of which contains mail put their by an exim filter as my .forward file on the server (the mail is put into Maildirs in my account by exim). This Debian Mailing list is one such folder

Another folder is spam, with subfolders containing "devnull" and "teergrube" which contain messages put there are part of the spam checking process (sa-exim).

This at least gives me an opportunity for a while (I have a cron job which expires - ie deletes - the messages) to check if I think I might have a false positive I am looking for.

However, although I have had this facility in place for a while, Thunderbird seems to have suddenly found out about them - and when I ask it to go to next unread message its jumping into these folders and returning the messages. Since I get A LOT of these, its very inconvenient.

I am definitely NOT subscribed to the folder - and the properties on the folder also say NOT to check for new e-mail.

I haven't been able to find how to tell Thunderbird not to put them in my folder list and not to check for new mail. I tried subscribing and unsubscribing. I even tried deleting the folders and re-creating them on the server side.

Any ideas of how to proceed.

Alan Chandler

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