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Re: synaptic got problem when auto updating today

Joe <joe@jretrading.com> writes:

Thanks, Joe. 

If they had decided to get rid of synaptic or aptitude, what would
substitute its, do you know?

> On 25/08/10 03:25, Qi Qi wrote:
>> Hi,
>> When I updated my sid debian today, it automatically removed the
>> synaptic. I tried to reinstall it, but it indicated as a broken package.
>> Is it only happening to my debian sid, or it's an issue somehow?
> Most of us don't use synaptic, or at least, not for
> updating. There is currently a bit of faffing about with
> apt, which may explain it. It will probably settle in a day
> or two.
> I use aptitude, and a suggested full-upgrade today would
> have removed aptitude... I settled for one which left things
> as they were for the moment. It pays to watch the updates
> carefully with sid.
> Meanwhile, use apt-get update, apt-get upgrade or aptitude
> update, aptitude safe-upgrade. Apt-get dist-upgrade and
> aptitude full-upgrade are the ones to be careful
> of. Obviously, try to reinstall synaptic from time to time,
> it should work again soon.

Qi Qi

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